Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walking Down Memory Lane ...

Sis 2 here ... a few months ago I was lucky enough to reconnect with someone who played a MAJOR part in my life about 20 years ago ... my first love (possibly my only real, true love); the person I thought I would spend my life with; you know, the "one that got away". 

Twenty years ago we were, as we have dubbed it "young and stupid" and let stupid BS get in the way and ruin the relationship we had. Fast forward all these years and now we talk nearly every day (some days more than once) and take a little walk down memory lane each time - sometimes we talk about regrets, sometimes we talk about funny memories from when we were together, sometimes we talk about what might have been and sometimes we talk about 2nd chances. Life has roadblocks along memory lane - sometimes we can ignore the roadblocks and sometimes we have to try to remove them but no matter what I am loving these walks down memory lane with someone so special to me and feel blessed to have him back in my life. 

Walking and remembering with someone I care deeply about but still keeping it sassy and sarcastic. 

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  1. Love you Sis and I know exactly what you mean. :)