Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dating and Getting Out There

Sis 1 here . . .

I've been on a dating website for a couple of months and I'm enjoying myself.  I've met a few men and gone out with a few of them.  Some dates are better than others, but they all have a couple of things in common and I really want some answers.

1.  Every man I've met either just talking on line or actually meeting in person says the same shit . . . I'm honest, dependable, don't play games, etc.  Guess what, none are honest or dependable--although there are varying stages of each, and every single damn one of them plays games.  SMDH!

2.  Every one of them says they want a serious relationship, to be monogamous, to love me forever.  Guess what . . . they all lie.  They probably all want that, but beforehand, they all want a booty call, friends with benefits, etc.  Some might be worthwhile, but it's the lying that gets me.  Tell me what you want, and you might get lucky.  LOL!

3. Every one of them says they will pay attention to me.  Now, I'm not a high maintenance kinda gal, but I do like to have attention paid to me on a near constant basis.  So . . . if you want me, then you need to text, call, visit and respond to texts and calls, follow through and actually text and call when you say you will.

Now  . . . I know that I have some high expectations here for initial dating, but seriously, be a man, tell me the truth, and let's move on.  We may work out.  We may not.  But, by lying and playing games, you'll never get anywhere with me.

So, I'll keep looking, keep dating, and keep on keeping on.  I'm gonna have fun, have some laughs, and maybe even get laid once in awhile.  LOL!

Until next time, keep it #sassyandsarcastic . . . .

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To Keep or Not to Keep ... that is the question

Sis 2 here -- 

So I am finally getting closer to being able to file for divorce - filing fee has been saved, paperwork has been printed and I am nearly at my wits end dealing with the soon to be ex ... and then bam, reading through the paperwork I strike upon a question I hadn't fully thought through ...

        Does the wife want to keep her married name or return to her maiden name????

Shit -- I had it in the back of my mind but hadn't really thought about it. I thought I knew what I wanted to do but the more I think about the idea, the more confused I get. I see pros and cons to keeping it vs returning to maiden name. 

What to do, what to do .... so I am throwing it out to all of you! Give me the pros and cons that you see and weigh in on whether I retain the married name or return to my maiden name. 

While I decide ... keep it Sassy and Sarcastic. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bruised But Not Broken

Sis 1 here...

My ego is bruised, but my heart and head are in tact. You played me or maybe you thought you were sincere. Either way, a real man would have the balls to tell me good bye. I know, you probably got a little scared with the bit of drama you were exposed to, but honey...if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

So, play on player. I've moved on and will keep true to me.   BTW...don't worry, I won't try to trash your reputation. I'm sure you'll fuck someone else over that will do that for you. Oh and your continuing studies with God? might want to work on that...I'm just sayin', because my friend, Karma, is a total bitch.

Until next time, keep it #sassyandsarcastic....

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Sis 1 here...

I guess I jinxed it. I thought things were going well, but haven't heard from The Special One in two days. What? Am I 16 again? Do people really do 180s in just two days? This non communication is not what I've learned about him. I mean seriously, when his mom had a stroke, he still checked in and said hi. So, I give up.

No more worrying about guys and what they think. No more putting myself out there. I've given so many people benefit of the doubt and they only end up hurting me.

Men love to say that they don't play games, but so far, that has been my experience. So, I give up.

I'm hurt. I'm disillusioned. I'm not impressed with the human race. So, I give up.

Until someone else comes along to get my hopes up again. And then, who knows. Maybe I'll roll this post out again. Or maybe, it will be great. Or maybe, it will be the for real last straw.

Until next time, keep it #sassyandsarcastic....

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Special One

Sis 1 here...

I think I've found that special guy. In fact, we'll refer to him as The Special One. It seems like we are clicking on every level. We don't necessarily agree on everything, but we talk about and discuss it anyway. I don't want to jinx anything, so keeping it vague here, but stay tuned for updates.

Until next time, keep it #sassyandsarcastic....