Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's Do This

Sis 1 here . . .

Sorry we haven't blogged much lately, just so much going on.  Not a good excuse if we want you to keep following us, but we are new to this and will attempt to do better.

Updates--Dickhead is moving out sooner than expected.  He was supposed to be out by the end of March, and now it will be mid to end of February.  WOOOTY WOOT WOOT WOOT!  The funny part .  . . he's moving in with a girl.  She supposedly isn't his girlfriend, but the clench I saw them in out in my parking lot the other night says otherwise.  I don't care, but really . . . in my parking lot, where I live, where people don't know we're getting divorced, where your son can see you?  Can't wait for this mother fucker to get out.

Of course, because of the earlier move, he will actually have to come back and stay with the Boy when I go on vacation.  It's in the Boy's best interest, since where he is moving to is way farther than 5 minutes to school.  So . . . it will be awhile before I buy a new bed . . . I'll have one of those air beds for awhile.  Note:  he is taking the bed with him (with my blessing), but I'll be damned if I buy a new bed and he sleeps in it while I'm out of town.  Ewwwwwww!

Anyway . . . hope everyone has a very #sassyandsarcastic week.

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