Monday, May 6, 2013

Stupid Brain

Sis 2 here - 

As I have posted before my life is a HOT FUCKING MESS right now -- trying to get a divorce but can't afford for him to move out yet, can't find a damn job so working bits and pieces of temp jobs trying to survive, have a young boy toy that makes me insane ... but none of that is truly the point of this post. 

What this post is about is my brain ... more importantly how I tend to over think EVERY DAMN THING and it makes me crazy!

For example:

Divorce -- he never made an effort to make plans or do anything proactive to get things done in our marriage why would I expect him to do things now like:
     1) start researching places to live 
     2) participate in the conversation about future plans

Job -- send out resume after resume and all I hear is: 
     1) you are over qualified
     2) position has been filled
     3) or the worst NOTHING - what happened to a simple reply that you received my resume?

Boy Toy -- this one is simply said with: 
     1) too young
     2) too immature 
     3) too far away 
     4) but gets into my head (and heart) even when I try to stay strong and focused on what "this"     
          really is 

Okay, so maybe those things are a part of the point, but ultimately my biggest problem right now is ME ... mostly my brain and how I over think everything, worry about what might be instead of what is and ultimately make myself crazy. 

I need my stupid girly X-chromosome ruled brain to SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop thinking so much. 

Going crazy but still #sassyandsarcastic 


  1. Hmmm . . . could it be that I'm finally getting through to you? Stop overthinking, stop letting the fuckers into your head, do you, and focus. Love you sissy.

    Sis 1 who is ever #sassyandsarcastic

  2. Sis 2 here - please bitch, you do it too!

    Love you! #sassyandsarcastic

  3. I can only imagine what you're going through. Take care.