Sunday, October 6, 2013


Sis 1 here...

I guess I jinxed it. I thought things were going well, but haven't heard from The Special One in two days. What? Am I 16 again? Do people really do 180s in just two days? This non communication is not what I've learned about him. I mean seriously, when his mom had a stroke, he still checked in and said hi. So, I give up.

No more worrying about guys and what they think. No more putting myself out there. I've given so many people benefit of the doubt and they only end up hurting me.

Men love to say that they don't play games, but so far, that has been my experience. So, I give up.

I'm hurt. I'm disillusioned. I'm not impressed with the human race. So, I give up.

Until someone else comes along to get my hopes up again. And then, who knows. Maybe I'll roll this post out again. Or maybe, it will be great. Or maybe, it will be the for real last straw.

Until next time, keep it #sassyandsarcastic....

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