Thursday, April 11, 2013

Never Ask A Question ...

Sis 2 here - 

Tonight I was reminded of a very valuable idea: never ask a question unless you are prepared to hear an answer you won't like

Had a Facebook conversation with someone that SUPPOSEDLY cares about me and has even used the "L" word to describe their feelings. The following is the basic break down of the conversation:  (this person shall be called "The Other" for the purposes of this blog post)
Italics are my internal thoughts during the conversation. 

The Other:    I feel special
Me:               Because you are ... at least to me
The Other:   Thank you
          (really only a mother fucking thank you - how about you are special to me as well?) 
Me:               But you already knew that
The Other:    Yes Ma'am
Me:                Mmmmm - wonder where I stand though?
          (crickets chirping now - mofo, it shows you saw the message but didn't answer) 
Me:                Hmmm - maybe no answer is really my answer to where I stand
          (The Other has logged off) 

So of course, I forgot all about my break thru from yesterday and began to eat junk to push down my feelings. But tomorrow is another day and I WILL remember this conversation and the lack of response from The Other and I WILL get back on track and remember that this is about ME and no one else! 

Guess I have my answer for now AND was reminded of a very valuable idea ... 

Until then, keep it #sassyandsarcastic 


  1. Can't stand when people fish for compliments.
    When I see someone doing it to me, I completely ignore it.
    "I feel special."
    My answer. "Great! Glad to hear it."

    Guess what Sis 2?

    Don't you dare write back that I'm special too. take the compliment and run!!! :)

  2. LOL -- Sis 2 here and I LOVE it!!

  3. I can't imagine myself on today's dating scene. I was terrible at it forty years ago.

  4. Sis 1 here..

    I'm gonna kick your behind! Love you Sis...need to keep me looped in.