Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It Just Keeps Getting Better . . . NOT

Sis 1 here . . .

OMFG!  I just got a group email from . . . my new stepfather and my mother.  What did it say?  It said they got married today in a private ceremony.  After 24 years together they decided to tie the knot.  What it didn't say is that they couldn't do it before because he was too butt fuck lazy to get a divorce.  Yup--that's right, he was still married for so many years.  I'm not judging the being married, but separated and being with someone else.  Who hasn't done that?  LOL!  I'm pissed because he's a lazy ass mother fucker who is now going to benefit even more from my mother's pension and social security.  FUCK!

Oh and I'm also pissed because I found out about it in a MASS FUCKING EMAIL!   Are you kidding me?  You can't call your only child and say, "hey, we're gonna go do this now or hey, we went ahead and did it."  I knew they were planning to get married, but the delivery sucked.  Needless to say, congratulations are not yet forthcoming from me.  Grrrr . . . .

Later peeps . . . until then, keep it #sassyandsarcastic . . . .


  1. Dang...that sucks!

  2. Here's a good one for you:
    I frequently refer to my daughter as baby, monkey, Tiny T, and other terms of endearment.
    Guess who told her to encourage me to NOT call her by those names?!
    WTF is that? He wants her to "grow up".
    Can I tamper with the brakes in his car?!

  3. Dear Anonymous:

    You know accidents can happen all the time, especially whilst he is driving. Just sayin . . .