Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bring On the New Year!

Sis 1 here . . .

Sis 2 and I had some "interesting" conversations last night and have been making great plans for 2013.  Cleaning up and cleaning out these last two days of 2012 and gonna kick it the fuck out the door.

Let me be perfectly clear . . . 2012 SUCKED ASS!  Were there good points?  Absolutely, and those good points ROCKED MY WORLD, but . . . overall, glad to see 2012 go.

Plans going ahead in 2013 to live life to the fullest and if anyone doesn't like the decisions that are made, they can suck it.  Remember this . . . and it took me a very long time to embrace this fully . . . you only get one life.  Make it yours.  Be happy and enjoy yourself.  If something makes you unhappy, get rid of it.  If you don't like your job, get a different one.  If you are in an unhappy marriage, fix it or leave it. If you want to live somewhere else, move.  If you want something, whether it be tangible or intangible, go get it.

The bottom line is . . . start thinking about you and what you need to be happy.  So many times, as women and mothers, we put everyone elses' needs above our own.  Guess what?  That doesn't work.  We become disillusioned and unhappy, which in turn makes everyone else unhappy.  So, make yourself happy.  It may be painful at first, for you and for the others in your life, but ultimately, your happiness will lead to their happiness.

Do this . . . pick one thing that you want to change, and take the steps to change it.  I'm not talking about making New Year's resolutions . . . that doesn't work and we all know it.  Just pick one aspect in your life that you want to change.  Think about what your ultimate goal is for that change, and take the steps to make it happen.  You'll see a huge difference in your life.  Once you've got that change done, pick something else to fix or change.  Sometimes you'll have to take baby steps to make lasting changes . . . and that can be painstakingly slow, but take it from me, it is so worth it.  I'll say this . . . 2012 was my painstakingly slow, baby steps year, but I did it and got through it, and I'm already in a  better place for making 2013 great.

So, do something for you.  Make this your year.   Until next time, keep it #sassyandsarcastic.


  1. Very inspirational post. New follower, love your sense of humor!

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